What exactly is period underwear?




Period undies are designed to replace disposable period products like tampons and pads.

Most people like to use them with additional protection on their heavier days.

They look, feel, and fit just like any other panties - but with extra layers and specialized fabric to absorb fluid. Whether that be menstrual blood, discharge or even urine leaks.

They are reusable all month long, just wash, wear, and repeat!

Curious about period underwear but still unsure if it'll truly hold up when you need it?

Don't worry, many users start out by wearing them for lighter flow days or as a backup layer.

Each pair consists of an absorbent material (holding from 1 to 6 tampons' worth), a moisture barrier to keep you feeling comfy, and a layer designed to prevent any leaks or messes.

A great way to give period underwear a shot is to wear it when your flow is lighter, like at the end of your period. It's also an excellent idea to use it as a back up on heavier days!

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