Period Underwear Is Fresh and Clean

Periods are a normal cycle that every female who menstruates experiences. Sadly, discussing periods is still taboo in some places especially in the Middle East, leaving people to feel shameful or embarrassed over their period and its related bodily fluids. 

This has caused people to falsely assume that period underwear is "dirty", so we're here to share the science-backed evidence to the contrary.

The science of period blood!

The fluid released during menstruation is a normal mix of blood, tissue, and mucus that your body no longer needs. It's not dirty or harmful - in fact, it's less concentrated than other bodily blood and can't have bacteria without infection.

Period underwear is hygienic.

Feel confident and comfortable with period underwear! Our reusable product offers a reliable and more sustainable way to manage your period, without relying on single-use plastic. Plus, period underwear is designed to absorb menstrual blood and is hygienic even more than pads and tampons. Enjoy the freedom of period underwear.

Bodi Fresh period underwear is designed to be just as easy to wash as it is to wear. You can toss it into the washing machine with your other delicates, simple as that.

Dont worry about your other clothes - they'll be fine! Plus, you can opt to hand wash them in lukewarm water - a great way to keep your delicates' elasticity, FYI.

Avoid bleach and fabric softener as they can degrade quality. Hang dry your Bodi Fresh (no ironing) and adhere to these steps for long-lasting results.

Using period underwear and keeping it clean is just as safe as washing any of your other items of clothing.

Bodi Fresh period underwear is engineered to keep you feeling fresh and dry, thanks to its ultra-absorbent, odor-controlling and moisture-wicking technology.

If your undies aren't full yet, we suggest taking them off and replacing them with fresh ones each day, just like regular underwear.

Pay attention: if your period has a strong smell or odor, it might be a sign something's wrong and you should consult your doctor.

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