Removing blood from your period panties? Here's how!

Period undies provide 4 layers of protection against leakage and staining, making them both reliable and reusable. To maintain optimal performance, we recommend washing the underwear after each cycle.


So how do you wash period underwear?



It takes only four quick steps to enjoy the freshness of Bodi Fresh briefs:


1. Rinse your period underwear with cold water immediately. Aim to not let them soak, and continue rinsing until the water appears clear. Alternatively, some customers choose to rinse them in the shower.


2. For best results, pop the items in a delicates bag and wash on a cold cycle in the washing machine. If you have no other laundry, just hang to dry till the next load.


3. Skip fabric softener to maintain the period pants' natural fibres; instead, opt for laundry liquid or soap.


4. Easily hang your items outdoors and let the sun and breeze do the work for you. Enjoy the convenience of air-dried items, and store for later use.


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